Hi my name is Sofia I started my career when I was only 19 years old at  City Paws, during the first 3 months I was intrigued by how groomers reflected their art and love for dogs in a cut, from that moment I became a groomer and I have not stopped loving every second of my work.

 I specialize in poodles and doodles, but I love having yorkies on my table, at the same time I love every golden retriever who licks my face while doing his groom.

I consider that there are no aggressive or poorly behaved dogs, they just haven’t been with the right groomer and with me you will be sure that your crazy, hyperactive and nervous dog will be safe and will have his best experience in grooming.

I have always been a perfectionist who loves and is passionate about everything she does, so with me you will be assured of your desired cut.

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