Bath and Sani

This package includes the basic upkeep of your pup including a bath, blow dry, nail cutting/grinding, ear cleaning and sanitary shaving to ensure clean potty breaks and matt prevention.

Maintenance Groom: Essential Care for Your Pet's Hair

Also known as our maintenance groom, this package includes bath, blowdry, cutting and grinding of the nails, ear cleaning, sanitary shaving, and a complete brush out before and after the bath. This allows the groom to grow out as even as possible and to make sure your pup is staying free of matting for their next full groom appointment.

Maintenance grooms are essential in the care of your pet’s coat. Regular maintenance at least every 6 weeks can help keep your pup feeling confident on the grooming table and reduce matting, allowing a full groom to take less time. Keeping up on the maintenance also allows us to detect any problems that may be arising with their skin or coat before they become major issues.

Our Process

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Complete brush head to toe.

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Bath with hypoallergenic shampoo
(different options) and lathering conditioning.

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Blowdry, Fluff-out and final brush.

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Nail Cutting and Ear Cleaning

Nail cutting and grinding plus gentle ear cleaning.

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Sanitary Shaving

Shaving of the belly, potty area, and inside of the paw pads.

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At CityPaws Grooming, we understand the needs of pet parents and their furry family members. Our goal is to provide your dog with a luxurious grooming experience that leaves them feeling pampered and happy. Our skilled groomers will take the time to listen to your pup’s individual needs, creating a personalized experience that caters to their unique preferences.


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